The aim of the Vallei en Veluwe Regional Water Authority is to be a water partner. By working well together and listening to those around us, we can devise solutions together. We are working with various partners to complete the Omzet●Amersfoort project.


The LIFE+ programme finances projects that contribute to the development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and communication of the European nature and environment policy and environmental legislation. This programme particularly facilitates the integration of the environmental aspect in the policy and contributes more generally to sustainable development. A subsidy has been allotted to the Omzet●Amersfoort project for the period from September 2011 to December 2016.


STOWA (the Dutch acronym for the Foundation for Applied Water Research) is the knowledge centre for regional water authorities in the Netherlands. STOWA develops, gathers and disseminates the knowledge needed for effective implementation of the tasks faced by water managers. Knowledge dissemination regarding the Omzet●Amersfoort project plays a major role. Through STOWA and the network behind it, the knowledge and experience acquired in the project can be disseminated nationally and internationally.

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